Welcome to M & M Electronics,
Manufacturer of Mustang Taillight

We are the original manufacturer and have
been manufacturing Sequential Turn Signal
Kits since 1998 for all model Mustangs from
1996 to 2009.  
2006-2009 Models
These kits turn your stock, single
flashing turn signals into  
"sequential" turn signals.  Having 3
seperate flashes instead of the stock,
single flash which uses 2 bulbs, into
a three bulb system, which
your turn signal and brake light
output by 50%.
The more light output the more safety
2005 Model
Our Price is Only $59.95
Your choice on model years 1996 to 2004
2005-2006 with the type 1 harness
$84.95 For 2006-200
9 kits
with the type 2 harness

* lifetime warranty covers the original owner for as long as you own the car
proof of purchase is required.
1999 to 2004 Models
New 2006-2009 Kits are in stock!!
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You DO NOT need to buy the complete new harness others say you do!

Just $84.95
1996 to 1998 Models
Back By Popular Demand
We Have Brought Back The Original
Sequencer Design With The Slower
Flash Rate Which Gives It A More
Defined Sequential Flash Effect

Just $64.95
Our products carry a lifetime warranty *
We've been in business for over
20 years
You can order direct from us
"Dealers Wanted"
We have been manufacturing and
selling these kits for over 8 years
and are now going into the after
market division.
Get on board now before your area
is gone.
M & M Electronics
Manufacturer of Taillight Sequencers
   Plug-N-Play Prices

  1996 to 2004 Models

   2005 to 2009 Models
Our Kits Carry A Lifetime Warranty *
To Tell What Type Harness You Have On Your 2005 To 2009 Model
Click Here Or See Our Install Help Page
Don't Want To Install A
Splice In Kit

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Plug-N-Play Kit.

These Kits Include Two
Taillight Harnesses That Are
Pre-wired With The Sequencing
You Just Unplug Your Harness,
Plug In The New Ones And You
Are Good To Go.
Actual Video Clip Of One Of Our
Mustangs With The Slow Rate Kit
Car is Owned By Our Customer MeanStang08
On                                    Youtube.com
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