M & M Electronics was formed in 1998 when the owner
bought a 1998 Mustang convertible for his daughter, and
wanted to make it different than the rest.

Remembering the 1972 Cougar he had as a young man,
which had sequential taillights on it, which used servo
motors and relays, why not design and make a electronic
module that would make the mustang taillights sequence?

So he did and that's how Mustang Taillight Sequencers came
about. The prototype which was installed on that 98 mustang
is still working today, 1
8 years and counting.

Other mustang owners in the local area liked the new
version of the old idea of sequential taillights, and wanted
the new little modification on their Mustangs. Which they got.

M & M Electronics then started manufacturing and selling
them on Ebay in early 1999 and has since sold thousands of
kits, being copied by others, we are the original
manufacturer of Mustang Taillight Sequencers.

In 2005, when Ford came out with the new Mustang and
done away with the flasher in the car, (they incorporated it
into the multi-function box)  we were the first to put the new
kit on the market which worked on the 2005 Mustang. (then
being copied by others)

We now have auto accessories dealers, (in 6 states) online
dealers, (selling on their sites) and people on Ebay selling
our kits.

Our kits have a lifetime warranty on them (for as long as you
own the car) we only manufacture taillight sequencers, we
have two different kits, the "Original Sequencer Kit" which
is slower  and works on the 96 to 2004 models, and the
"Standard Rate Kit" which works on the 2005 model as well
as the 96 to 2004 models, which is a faster rate, which works
with the factory flasher, so you do not need to change your
flasher, and the 2005 to 2009 models don't have one.

And now as always we have the new 2006 to 2009 kits on the
market first (soon to be copied by others) where you "DO
NOT have to replace the complete taillight harness" as
stated by the others.
About M & M Electronics
How Mustang Taillight Sequencers came about